​​Halusky - Egg dumplings

Holubky - Stuffed cabbage roll

Na Zdravie - Cheers (Sounds like "Nice Driveway!")

Pivo - Beer

Rosky - Nut roll

    Christmas   ​   Bazaar

With Christmas just around the corner check out the Christmas Bazaar and get a jump start on your shopping.

​The Christmas Bazaar is

sponsored by the St. Lucas Women's Guild

The Bazaar is located in the ​"Multi-Purpose Room." 

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the

variety of affordable and attractive gifts. ​​

The Christmas Bazaar is open from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


Photos - A big thank you to Steve Solovitz for providing many of the photos on this web site.

At the turn of the century a large number of Slovaks left the Austro-Hungarian Empire and came to America looking for economic and political stability.

Many Slovak immigrants settled in St. Louis in the Soulard neighborhood - Bohemian Hill. In January 1905 St. Lucas Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded.

As the membership steadily moved out of the Soulard neighborhood a new church was built in South City at 7000 Morgan Ford Rd.

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